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Last updated 12-May-97 by Bob Heeter

Playtesting is Over 60% Complete!

We are almost done with the playtesting phase and will not be needing any more playtesters. The status of the ongoing games is shown below.

Tournament Playtesting Games as of 2-Apr-97
Game NameOS-VersionScenarioStatusPlayersModeratorRazing?
Guinea PigsMac-ClassicHadesha VariantDone! (Turn 11) Elam Birnbaum, Vern Vaillancourt, Bill Irwin, Nico Fortunato (Winner: Elam) Off
guru meditationBoth-DeluxeWc97 TournamentDone! (Turn 5) Martijn Dashorst, Marko Snoek, Gary Best, Bob Heeter (Winner: Gary) Bob, Gary & MartijnOff
Dwarven Mines 1PC-DeluxeWc97 DwarvenRestarted Alex Vickers, Dale Adams, Mikhail Langer, Jon McCullers See Dwarven Mines 2 below... Off
DuelMac-ClassicDuel of the GodsDone! (Full 20 turns) Bob Heeter, Ivan Baird, Steve VanKoughnett, Jim Panagos (Winner: Bob) Anytime
Z01 - Duel2Mac-ClassicDuel of the GodsDone! (20 turns) George Hulseman, Max Fulton, Bill Irwin, Kay Chang (Winner: Kay) , Jim Panagos Off
Z09 - WCWars2Both-DeluxeWC WarsRestarted Mark Lambert, Dan Leary, Brian Cupp, and Karlis Freibergs See Wars Z13 below... Capture
Z06 - SorceryBoth-DeluxeWc97 SorceryTurn 17 Frederic Aubert,, Barry Brook, Kay Chang Off
Z02 - Duel IIIMac-ClassicDuel of the GodsTurn 16 Bill Irwin, Steve VanKoughnett, Kay Chang, Ivan Baird Bob Heeter Never
Z05 - Shades of HadeshaMac-ClassicShades of HadeshaTurn 16 Elam Birnbaum, Bill Irwin, Steve VanKoughnett, Frank Lachance Anytime
Z10 - AerolandiaMac-ClassicAerolandiaTurn 13 Edd Vrcich, Demitrius Berg, Elam Birnbaum, Frank Lachance Ivan Baird, Bob Heeter Off
Z07 - Sorcery IIPC-DeluxeWc97 SorceryTurn 12 Karlis Freibergs, Mike Langer, Peter Korre, Bruce Wayne , Mike Langer Capture
Duelz11Mac-ClassicDuel 2.0Turn 11 Max Fulton, Bill Irwin, George Hulseman, Steve VanKoughnett Bob Heeter Capture
Z03 - Dwarven Mines 2PC-DeluxeWc97 DwarvenTurn 9 Alex Vickers, Dale Adams, Mikhail Langer, Jon McCullers Gary Best, Off
Z08 - WCWar 1Both-DeluxeWc97 WarsTurn 8 Frederic Aubert, Alex Vickers,, Dale Adams Off
DuelZ12Mac-ClassicDuel 2.0Turn 8 Matt Neff, Toni Topylka, Derek Baird, Bob Heeter Ivan Baird Capture
WarsZ13Both-DeluxeWC WarsTurn 7 Karlis Freibergs, Andrew Hartung, Alex Vickers, Mr. Zak Max Fulton Capture
Z04 - Guru2Both-DeluxeWc97 TournamentTurn 7 Martijn Dashorst, Marko Snoek, Gary Best, Bob Heeter Bob, Gary & MartijnOff
Aero 2 (Z14)Mac-ClassicAerolandiaTurn 3 Magnus Goransson, Matt Neff, Kay Chang, Demitrius Berg Ivan Baird ???
Test Round (T01-T07)AllZesde betaStarting Games 27 Playtesters 7 Moderators Off?

Instructions for Playtesters:

  1. Be sure you have read the Players' Rulebook, and
  2. The Ten Commandments of Tournament Warlords
  3. Print out the Tournament Armies Stats
  4. Visit Matt Schikore's Warlords II Web Page and download the latest upgrade patch for your version of Warlords.
  5. Visit Matt Schikore's Warlords II Web Page (again) to practice downloading and installing a new scenario.
  6. Consult the Email Support Page and test your ability to receive gamefiles.
  7. Make sure you have either WarBOT (from the moderator) or w2com (PC - on the net) battle odds tools, and read the Tournament Battle Bonuses page.
  8. Read the Tournament Tips Page if you want to live longer.
  9. You will be notified by email when it's time to start your game!
  10. Finally - Good Luck!

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