Greetings, Warlords Fans!

A mighty battle is brewing indeed...

You stand on the battlements of your great castle, a mighty Warlord atop the tallest tower on the highest, most strategic hill in your kingdom. The wind blows your hair straight out behind your head as you gaze down and observe your troops practicing enthusiastically in the fields below. All is as it should be.

But then, in the distance, you spot a thin trail of dust rising into the air. A tiny black speck leads the trail, like some earthly cousin of the great comets in the sky. The speck expands as the dust trail grows larger, closer, and your hunch is soon confirmed when your sharp-eyed lookout announces: "Sire, a messenger is arriving."

You nod. It is time!

The long-awaited moment is here. You stride downstairs and summon your squires to assemble your full battle dress. There is just enough time. As you settle into your throne in the great Hall of Audience, your aides announce the arrival of the messenger. You wave your hand, and he is escorted in. His strange garb can only be the clothing of a distant land, from a distant continent perhaps. He bows before you and then, as he raises his eyes to meet yours, you see that he is as excited as you are.

"Mighty lord," speaks the messenger, "I have tidings from Tournament Headquarters. The Warlords of the World have challenged you, and every other Warlords fan, to compete in the new, play-by-email, Warlords II World Tournament!"

You grin. It is true!

"We know you may not know how to play Warlords by email," the messenger continues. "But if you can send and receive files by email, and install scenarios, then if you are willing to learn our sages will teach you everything else you need to know, no matter what version of Warlords II you have. Dozens of the greatest Warlords in the world have already registered, and over 100 more Heroes from at least 19 countries are flocking to our banner, having waited patiently on our mailing list until this moment."

You smile. It is ready!

"SSG offers you prizes: the 16 top finishers, the 3 best role-players, and the 12 players in the 3 most entertaining games will all win free copies of SSG's upcoming products, including possibly Warlords III or Reach for the Stars. Even an average performance will earn a premium position on the upcoming Head to Head Warlords Ladder, where Warlords players from everywhere will challenge each other in Warlords, Warlords II and Warlords III after the Tournament ends."

You gape. It is awesome!

"You can join, or, if you prefer, you can sit in your cozy castle, watch your troops practice against mindless computer opponents, and continue to wait patiently for Warlords III. It is your decision."

The messenger raises his hand as you open your mouth to speak. "One thing more," he explains. "This is a serious tournament. We have spent over a year in preparation. We have developed special rules to prevent cheating, new utility programs for fighting battles fairly, and several custom scenarios. We will teach you what you need to know to compete, but remember - the Tournament will consume at least 3 hours of your time each week, for at least the next 4 months - and over a year if you win. Do not make your decision lightly!"

You blink. It is amazing!

And before you can say a word yourself, the messenger places a small scroll in your hands, and disappears - for he has many other kingdoms to visit, and quickly!

You open the scroll, You beam. It is now! And you know what to do....