The Chaos Sagas - Part I 
The War of Powers 

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Foreword by the Author

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Let it be known, that the centuries that followed the Mage 
Wars were a time of conflict and suffering.  Each of the individual 
ruling powers now vied for ownership of the lands previously 
ravaged by the madness that was the magical Mage Wars:

					Chaos Lords
	The Chaos Lords are a sect of Dark Mages, 
governed by the Mage of Chaos, a renegade Dark Mage of the 
Order of Zithraan.  The Chaos Lords broke away from their 
Order after the Mage Wars were lost.

	These Children of Nature - or Elves - generally 
keep to themselves and remain uninterested with the 
affairs of the other races.  Their home is within the 
impregnable Great Forest of the west.

	These Children of Nature - or Dwarves - also keep 
to themselves, and like their Elven brethren, like to remain 
impartial to the affairs of the other races. Their 
mountainous lands are to the east, on an island continent, 
separated from the lands of man by the Garunthian Chasm. 
The only road across to Garunthia is via the LifeSpan, a 
huge Garunthian-built steel bridge.

					Northern Barbarians
	These fierce warriors have their homeland in the far
northern continent of Jaruk. During the chaos of the Mage 
Wars, the Northern Barbarians managed to capture the 
northern ice-lands of Continent of Chaos.  The barbarians are 
the only race capable of successfully surviving in the harsh 
ice-lands of the north.

	The Free-Lander Coalition is the government of the 
humans. The Free-Landers inhabit most of the Mid-Lands of 

		Skentarkian Outlaws
	During the founding of the Free-Lander Coalition, 
all criminals were driven out of Terra and its surrounding 
towns. Travelling northwards, they finally made their home 
on a series of islands north-west of the Great Forest. The 
Faranthians tolerate their close proximity because the 
Outlaws provide an excellent defense against unwanted sea-


Unit Descriptions

Standard Units
Giant Bat	-	A useful flying unit for scouting unknown territory
				and investigating hidden stacks.
Ranger	-	Same as Giant Bat but more effective in concealing
				terrain such as woods and hills.
Siege Engine-	Useful tools of war that enable the conquering of
				cities (cancels city bonus).
Archer  (G)	-	Useful within forests or amongst high terrain where
				they can pick off their enemies at will.
Fighter	-	The standard soldier of any army, though slightly
				better trained in the use of weapons.
Assassin	-	Not strong individually but highly effective in a
				stack. They are trained with the sole purpose of 
				hunting out Heroes. More effective at the rear of a 
				combat order.
Knight	-	The gallant warrior on horseback, resplendant in
				their shining armor. Most effective in open terrain.
DeathKnight	-	Powerful death-bringers; these warriors are
				exceptionally trained in all aspects of 
				combat and war.
Giant Spider-	Dangerous creatures at home within forests.

Dwarf		-	Otherwise known as the Garunthians, these people
				make a dangerous enemy amongst high country.
N. Barbarian-	The Northern Barbarians are from the frozen lands
				of the north. They are effective killers in 
				the open.
Faran Folk	-	Otherwise known as Elves, these people are very
				dangerous in their natural woodland terrain.


Magical Units
Wiccan (G)	-	Old english for Witch, these druids of Nature offer
				great benefits to armies travelling through
Wizard (G)	-	These old practitioners of White Magic are useful
				for protecting armies in open battlefields. 
Mage (G)	-	Dark Mages are trained not only in magic but in
				hand to hand combat as well. These worshippers 
				of Zithraan - the Dark Ghod - are effective 
				in all combat situations!
Pegasi	-	Powerful and swift flying units.
Skeleton	-	Strong units that are most effective within city
Spirit	-	These lost souls are powerful within city limits
				where they love to haunt.
Guardian	-	Originally created by the Mage of Chaos - a
				renegade Chaos Lord - these powerful 
				creatures strike fear and dread into the 
				hearts of the most powerful of warriors!


Ally Units

Fire Elemental  -	A flying force of destruction in all forms of terrain.

Water Elemental -	A tide of force that sweeps aside all in its path.

Earth Elemental -	A juggernaut of brute force that is hard to withstand.

Air Elemental   -	A swift and powerful flying unit.


Lich		-	Powerful mages long dead, these creatures of
				darkness are deadly.
Archon	-	Deadly angels of death, these creatures are most
				effective against heroes (cancels hero bonus). 
Daemon	-	These evil creatures are certain death to all units
				(cancels non-hero bonus).
Dragon	-	Incredibly powerful flying allies.


Future Scenarios
War of Powers		-		You're looking at it!
Barbarian Tides		-		

While the races of the Mid-Lands						
battled for supremacy in the War of 
Powers, the Northern Barbarians 
massed an army within their 
homeland of Jaruk. The Mid-Land 
races must force the barbarians 
back. (Includes new map of the 
northern ice-lands of Chaos and 
the continent of Jaruk.)

Free-Land Agenda I	-	

The Free-Lander Coalition is 
mounting an all out effort to take Chaos for 
itself. The first part of their 
agenda is to invade Garunthia. 
(Includes complete new map of 

Free-Land Agenda II	-	

The second part of the Free-Land Agenda is
to invade Faranthor and crush the 
Elves. (Includes complete new 
map of the Great Forest and the 
sacred island of Faran Enor.)

Daemon Hoards          -       

The magical barrier that surrounds the 
southern desert-lands of the 
daemons has been destroyed! 
The daemon hoards are 
pouring out of Hell's Gate! 
(Includes complete new map 
of the southern desert-lands 
of Chaos.)

More scenarios will follow if your responses are 


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