Beyond "I am the Greatest":

The "I am Insane!" Game Settings

... for Greater Challenge in playing against the computer...

Edited, and mostly written, by Bob Heeter. Last Revised June 30, 1996.

This section is dedicated to accumulating wisdom on ways to make Warlords as challenging as possible when playing against the computer. (The best challenge is to play against a good human, but such games take time.)

Beyond "I am the Greatest" - the "I Am Insane!" Game Settings

Let me outline the settings here, and then explain them below. Feedback would be appreciated! If you can win without reverting/cheating in "I Am Insane", you are hereby designated a Warlords God! These settings presume a random scenario and an army set with which the AI can play decently, preferably one better than the default army set. Obviously it's possible to make the game completely impossible - for instance, don't move until your lone hero and army are attacked by 8-stacks of killer AI warriors - so the idea is to choose settings that create the right amount of personal challenge!

  • Explanation of the "I am Insane!" Settings

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