Advanced Tactical Ideas

Compiled and Edited by Bob Heeter. Last Revised May 9, 2001.

This section contains insights on sneaky ways to maneuver and fight your enemies. The best way to learn these is by playing by email against other experienced Warlords, which forces you to innovate a little more and also allows you to pick up tricks from your enemy, usually the hard way! Sources are generally attributed wherever an idea is mentioned.

Got any new ideas? Discoveries?

Why not share with the rest of us, and make things more challenging (when playing by email) or less challenging (when sweating it out against the computer)? Send me your ideas! (Please let me know which category your idea belongs in!)


  1. See also Combat Bonuses, the "Rules of Engagement Docs" and Battle Probability Analysis.
  2. See also the information on Gold and Economics.
  3. See also the Tournament Pages for information specific to the Warlords II Tournament Rules
  4. WarBOT Tactics (for Tournament and League games; 28-June-98)
  5. Naval Maneuvers (8-May-2001)
  6. Ground Maneuvers (8-May-2001)
  7. City, Temple and Ruin Management (15-Feb-98)
  8. Losing Gracefully (24-Apr-97; contributed by Magnus Goransson)
  9. Tips for Better Use of the Game's Tools (2-Apr-97)
  10. Heroes (9-Mar-97)
  11. Vectoring Your Units (8-May-2001)
  12. The "I am Insane!" Game Settings - for Increased Challenge (30-June-96)
  13. Tactics for Playing Against Other Humans (contributed by Michael Leung; 29-May-96)
  14. Special Tips for Hidden Map Games (4-May-96)
  15. Air Maneuvers (8-May-2001)
  16. Special Creatures (8-May-2001)
  17. Diplomacy / Beating the Computer Players (8-May-2001)
  18. Never Give Up! (7-May-2001)