Advanced Tactics - No Surrender!

Edited by Bob Heeter. Last Revised May 7, 2001

From: "Eric Vangelderen" 
Subject: Warlords II-Deluxe ...category 17 (how to beat the computer players)
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 12:03:31 CET

How to beat the computer players against incredible odds: Don't resign!

I once played the "I am the greatest setting" and had 13 out of 100
cities, when my enemies started getting the best of me. So I collected
all of my remaining armies into the strongest combinations possible,
razed all except 3 of my cities and wandered with my armies in different
directions of the map. I waited patiently for enemies to move and then
captured weak cities. I kept the cities for as long as possible, and
razed cities I couldn't possibly keep (since they were threatened to be
overtaken by stronger enemies). I blessed my armies as often as I could.
Slowly I weakened most of my enemies and eliminated them one by one. It
took a lot of traveling! When just one enemy was left, I thought I had
reached my limit. This enemy had 35 cities and I had 4! Yet I had a lot
of loose armies in his territory. I decided to try and see how far I
could go. So I started a blitz-war where I took and razed cities as fast
as I could and kept moving around. Incredibly, the computer player got
totally lost. It didn't know where to produce, locate or move its
armies. Eventually I won the game by the same tactics of moving around,
keeping some essential castles where I would locate whatever I could,
sacking and razing! Don't give up too easily!

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