On the Noble Art of Losing

Contributed by Magnus Goransson

WINNING a game of Warlords is not difficult, once you have got that far. But most of us lose. Over and over again... This is an attempt to discuss how to lose 'graciously' -- because, yes, it can be done!

'Ungracious surrender' - via the menu command - razes all cities, has several disadvantages, and can even kill a game:

But Warlords is for fun. Even losing can be fun. I would like to suggest a couple of challenging ways to lose:



So, your chances were ruined by a party with all luck and no brain? You feel like giving back?

Your enemy's gain will be reduced, in relation to the other players, and his positions revealed. And you did not lose in vain!



Make your enemies their own worst enemies!

You are up against a strong alliance. There is no friendly nation to give up your cities to.

With no resistance, only speed will decide who is going to rule your former cities. Unless the alliance against you is really tight, they will starting competing to your most valuable cities. Soon the former partners will be fighting each other while their enemies grow stronger...



Dance like a butterfly! Sting like a bee!

You are not building and therefore not dependent on gold. You have only one city to defend, so you are mostly a mobile target. Now you can start guerilla warfare with the one purpose of annoying your main enemy or enemies. In this position you might even negotiate with your enemy's enemies to gain advantages since you are weak in the game but still a valuable military ally.



Force the enemy to spend a lot to get to you, but do not let him gain anything!

Your enemy will have to concentrate large troops and fight harder and harder for each city, while gaining nothing or very little. By overbuilding your powerful builds with cheap peon builds, you prevent the enemy from sacking your cities for large amounts of gold. As a result of all this, the enemy will be considerably weakened by his victory.

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