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    Info on the Warlords II Mac CD-ROM

    How to Play by Email with a Mac

    Based on a reply I wrote to a question on

    > What is required in order to play Warlords II via email on a Macintosh?
    The standard method is to use your favorite flavor of StuffIt (or Compact Pro)
    to compress the files, and then use email software capable of transmitting 
    files as MIME attachments.  This is a relatively painless way of getting
    the file from your saved game folder to the next player's, with minimum
    transmission cost.  My own personal favorite software for this is DropStuff
    for the compression, and Eudora for emailing.  
    As a more complicated alternative, you can use a BinHex utility (available 
    on the FTP archive sites) to encode the files as ASCII text and email 
    the ASCII text as if it was a regular text message, but that leaves 
    more work for the person receiving the file.  Also, not all mail 
    programs can send/receive long text files, so it may be necessary 
    to segment the BinHex and reconstruct it, which can be tedious.
    For more information, see Transferring PBEM files in the Game Setup part of the Warlords II PBEM Web Site.

    For other play-by-email questions, also see the Warlords II PBEM Web Site

    How to Download the Warlords Demo

    Just visit one of these download site lists!

    Note that the Demo is based on version 1.0.4, which is much slower than the 1.0.7 release out now.

    Warlords II Patch Info

    Additional info on the 1.0.7 patches

    We're now up to version 1.0.7 (Memory and DOS-format save file bugs fixed).

    You can download the binhex from Matt Schikore's Mac Page (sorry, this archive is now dead)

    Note: the updater only works if you have version 1.0.3 or later to begin with. If you have versions 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 then you will need to contact SSG. Send (polite) email to Gary Makin,, and they will take care of you. (Hopefully in the future SSG will make the patches available directly from their Web page.)

    Mac Bug Reports

    When all the players resign at the same time, and on the same turn,
    Warlords pops up a message: Since there are no other player, no one wins!
    (or something to that effect).  Then, when you click, it says "push any
    button to exit to DOS" I'm not mistaken....MAC'S DON'T HAVE
    DOS!!  When I click again, it goes pack to the previous message...then back
    to the DOS message..then back to the original message..and so on.  You have
    to force quit the game to get out of it. :) - Eric Frierson

    Another Mac bug - the game crashes violently if a hero is killed 
    while holding a speed item and standing on a planted standard 
    (version 1.0.x only).  - discovered by Jim Panagos while attacking 
    Bob Heeter, and explained by Mike Leung.  

    A Freeware Mini Army/Item Editor is Out

    There aren't yet any full-blown scenario editors or anything for the Mac, although SSG has stated that the Mac Scenario Builder is due in December. In the meantime, though, you can play around with Army sets and scenario items: Matt Hills has made available the 0.7beta version of WarCorrespondent. It's available at Matt's Archive. (now on this site)

    Speed Tips for Mac Warlords II Players

    Looks like it's time to put up some info on Warlords II Game Versions and
    Speeds on various machines:
    In article <40br0l$> Steven Zwanger, writes:
    >I downloaded the Warlords II demo version and have been playing it on
    >a PowerMac (a 7100/66).  However, it's been *incredibly* slow.  I can
    >sit there waiting for a full minute between moving two of my units.
    >What can I do to speed this game up?  Would turning off Virtual Memory
    >Also, is the commercial version equally slow?
    The Demo version is from an older version of the game 
    (1.04, I believe), and is therefore not as well optimized 
    for speed on a PowerPC.  A lot of the updates (current 
    version is 1.0.7) have been focused on improving PPC speed.  
    I am running 1.0.6 right now (haven't had time to update yet),
    and the Native version is *blindingly* fast on my 7100/80 when 
    I give it enough (>7 MB) RAM.  So there is definitely hope.  Using 
    virtual memory alone will kill you though, since the game has 
    its own memory management system and isn't happy with VM 
    on.  I can wholeheartedly say that if you get the commercial 
    version, and you update to 1.0.6 or later, and you can turn off 
    Virtual Memory while giving the game enough RAM, then you 
    will have a whole lot of fun and possibly start complaining 
    that the game is *too* fast!  (I sometimes have trouble following 
    the moves of the computer players, but I haven't flipped the switch
    that slows them down; I enjoy watching my computer go faster
    than I can keep up with.  And I can always look during my turn to
    see where they end up anyway.)
    In article <40grus$> JKPhoebus, 
    >I thought I would put this in on the same "slow warlords thread".  It's
    >not a response, but a question.  I have Warlords II (original, which i
    >haven't updated yet) which I'm trying to run on an LCIII with 4 megs
    >boosted to 8 by RAM doubler.  The game is interminably slow.  Something
    >like 20 minutes from start up until i get to move an army. . .  I have
    >tried changing the minimum ram allocation to get it to recognize the ram
    >doubler memory, but the game seems to only turn music off automatically
    >based on available memory.  i can't turn it off manually.  any
    >suggestions?  will the updater help?  (I would down load it, but i can't
    >until i get back to school where theres a faster access line (currently
    >i'm at 2400 baud)).
    I used to play on a Quadra 700, and while the game wasn't as 
    fast as it is now on my PowerMac, it was certainly playable.  
    Just as the game has trouble with Virtual Memory, it also has 
    speed trouble with RAMDoubler.  The game does have internal 
    options that allow you to turn off the music manually, so 
    that should help you out.  Updating the game to a recent version
    should help you out too - one of the updates (I believe 1.0.6) 
    allows you to turn off the marbled backgrounds on the dialog boxes;
    apparently drawing those is a major drain on system resources.
    With that and other improvements, when I updated to 1.0.6 on my
    old Quadra, the game went from being only marginally playable to 
    being downright fun.  Of course, the other obvious solution
    is to get more RAM, but short of that the best you can do is to
    disable every system extension (except Quicktime), shrink 
    your caches, and squeeze the game into whatever you can manage.  
    You should leave the System with a few extra KB of memory though, 
    or you'll get crashes.
    The Bottom Line for Optimizing Warlords II Speed on a Mac:
    (1) Use the latest update; it helps.  At least get 1.0.6.  
          Buy the game if you have to.
    (2) Give the game as much RAM as you can find - but - 
    (3) Don't use Virtual Memory or RAMDoubler with Warlords II
    (4) Run the Native version if you have a PowerMac.

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