From: (Maarten M Hazewinkel)
Subject: Warlords II CD arrived
Date: 18 May 1996 00:02:53 GMT

Since nobody has posted any messages about it yet, I thought that I'd
mention that the new Warlords II CD (Mac of course) has arrived this

Some of the highlights:

Compatibility with Warlords II Deluxe (msdos), both for email play,
and for importing scenarios created by Warlords II Deluxe (msdos).

A new email play system, which no longer requires powertalk, which
indicates to which player the savefile should go next.

61 included scenarios.
36 included army sets.
29 included city sets.
12 included shield sets.
7 included terrain sets.

The application version is 2.0, apparantly a major upgrade from
the older versions available.

Full installation, including all scenarios, weighs in at 30 Megs.
But you can leave the scenarios on the CD, and install them as
you want to play them, deleting them afterwards.

Small install costs 12 Megs, but I think you might be able to cut
that down to about 8 Megs, by eliminating some scenarios and
army/city/shield/terrain sets.

You can even run it from the CD, if you're really challenged for
hard drive space.

I played with it a little, and it seems to play very nicely, with
some new graphics material as well.