Converting Mac Army Sets to CD/Deluxe Format

Written by Bob Heeter based on information submitted by John Harrison

Last Revised 14-Sep-96

Here is a bit of a recipe for making army sets for the Mac CD/Deluxe. The idea is to make your new army set in the original form using W2 and WarCorrespondent. (Available from Matt Hills' site.) Then cut and paste the stuff from this to the Deluxe set you wish to modify using ResEdit. So here we go:

  1. Make your army set using a W2 set as a basis and edit using Correspondent ... save .. lets call it TEST.
  2. Using Resedit open this TEST and click once on the DAT resource .. you will see 20000 1798 "ABOBSA" (or similar ID code).
  3. Highlight this and go to 'Resource Menu' Get Resource Info'.
  4. Change the 'ABOBSSA' to 'ARMYTYPE' ... close this (DO NOT SAVE).
  5. Now copy this DAT resource.
  6. Close this TEST resource ... no windows showing.
  7. Open the resource of the CD/Deluxe Army set you wish to modify.
  8. Paste over the DAT resource... you will get a dialog asking you whether you want to replace the resource with the SAME ID ... click on YES.
  9. Save ... and Quit.
With some luck the Deluxe army set will now contain your army data specifying the unit names and capabilities for the correct Deluxe army icons.