Announcing the Warlords II Remailer

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Date: 	Tue, 25 Mar 1997 12:09:26 -0500
From: "Elam T. Birnbaum" 
Subject: A New Resource for Warlords II PBEM Games.

Greetings fellow Warlords II enthusiasts!

This announces the creation of a new Warlords II PBEM resource.
The new service, named the Warlords II Remailer, has been created
specifically to aid in automating PBEM games of Warlords II.  The Warlords
II Remailer automates the process of sending game files and turn messages.
It conveniently keeps a history of everything that occurs during the course
of a game. Even better, it also enforces turn limits, no more slowpokes
dragging the game on forever. And best of all, its FREE!

In just minutes, a new PBEM game can be created on the Warlords II
Remailer web pages. Maintaining an existing game is a snap. Once a game is
created, most interaction with the Remailer is via e-mail, so there is no
need to fire up a browser to use it. While the web pages are required to
create and edit games, even people with limited access can use the
Warlords II Remailer. Since the Warlords II Remailer exists on the
Internet, both Mac and PC players are supported equally.

The Warlords II Remailer features;

- When sending a game file, a turn message, or simply a note to the group
of players, all you have to do is e-mail the Warlords II Remailer. It will
handle the distribution of all messages and game files. All you have to
remember is one e-mail address, your game's name and its password.

- A game history is recorded containing all the messages sent by the
players and all the events of the game, such as when players were
eliminated. No more having to organize heaps of e-mails to keep track of a

- Depending on how the Warlords II Remailer was set up, it can enforce
turn limitations by sending the game file of a delinquent player to
designated players or substitutes. It can even warn players that their
time is running out. No more slow players holding up the game.

- When players are eliminated, the Warlords II Remailer automatically
knows how to reorganize the player order, always sending the game files to
the appropriate players. No more confusion figuring out who sends what to

- Almost everything about the Warlords II Remailer is customizable. Want
to send player 1's game file to players 3, 4, and 6 and not to players 2
and 5? Want the option of giving players a little extra time to get out
their turns in case of emergencies? Want the game history to record only
very specific events? Its all possible with the Warlords II Remailer.

- Detailed and extensive online instructions of all Warlords II Remailer
features with easy to follow examples.

So if you are interested in trying out this FREE service, visit the
Warlords II Remailer home page at:

There are no strings attached, this is simply a service I created as a
labor of love. I like receiving comments and questions, though since I
receive no compensation for this please send me questions only if the
instructions I provide are in error or neglect to explain something.
Correspondences should go to:

Elam Birnbaum
Warlords II Remailer Creator/Maintainer

Thank you and enjoy the Warlords II Remailer!

P.S. If you like the Warlords II Remailer, spread the word, tell your friends!

Disclaimer: This service is not in any way provided by SSG and they are
not responsible for the content on the Warlords II Remailer web site. Use
of the names "Warlords II" is used without permission.