Deluxe Scenario Information

The information below was provided by Jay Han,, and has been slightly reformatted for Web use. (Many thanks to Gary Makin at SSG for providing the Table; apologies to those whose browsers aren't compatible with Tables.)

Basic Info

There are 61 of them (they didn't count Tutoria). I've compiled a list with number of players, army set, etc.

There are two lists. The first one gives the basic characteristics, the second one contains the descriptions given in sceninfo.dat.

List of Basic Characteristics:

Name Sides Cities Ruins Army City Terrain Shield
200BC 8 100 0 200bc Roman Grassland Knight
Altair 8 70 40 Revolt Modern Grassland Space
America 8 80 38 America America Grassland America
Arthurian Britain 7 70 36 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Babe War 4 74 29 Babe Spectra Grassland Element
Calador 8 85 40 Calador Spectra Grassland Element
Chesciv 2 67 24 America America Grassland America
Chessboard 2 32 36 Chess Erythea Grassland Erythea
Civil War!!! 8 30 10 Erythea Banner Castle Erythea
Dante's Inferno 6 57 34 Dante Ice Grassland Erythea
Dark Continent 8 44 20 Dark Dark Desert Dark
Dipthar 8 64 40 Dipthar Spectra Grassland Star
Dragon Realms 5 40 24 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Dwarven Mines 5 25 10 Erythea Banner Cavern Erythea
Elemental Crux 8 52 28 Element Erythea Grassland Element
Elemental Problems 8 43 15 Element Erythea Grassland Element
Elkor's Tomb 3 26 23 Erythea Banner Dungeon Erythea
Erythea Campaign 8 80 40 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Esesgee Isle 8 41 25 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Europa 7 97 40 Europa Europa Grassland Europa
The Fall of Rome 8 100 40 Medit Medit Grassland Erythea
Fantasy 8 58 26 Fantasy Fantasy Grassland Erythea
Flooded Halls 8 89 40 Maze Ice Iceworld Ice
Glacial Islands 8 40 16 Erythea Erythea Iceworld Ice
Hadesha Campaign 8 80 40 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Hand of Fate 5 35 24 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Holy 6 41 21 Holy Holy Grassland Erythea
Illuria Campaign 8 80 40 Erythea Illuria Grassland Erythea
Invasion 8 79 30 Space Invade Grassland Space
Isladia Campaign 8 80 40 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Isle of the Wheel 5 21 26 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Isles of Sorcery 4 20 16 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Jungle Valley 8 60 25 Jungle Erythea Grassland Erythea
Knight's Isle 4 21 27 Erythea Erythea Grassland Knight
Landlords 5 37 21 Land Land Grassland Erythea
Minotaur Maze 4 30 15 Maze Banner Castle Erythea
Mythtec 8 86 32 Aztecs Aztecs Grassland Erythea
Nippon Babylon 8 24 10 Nippon Nippon Grassland Japan
Norse Mythology 8 47 21 Norse Norse Grassland Knight
Pirates 8 90 39 Pirate Pirates Grassland Space
RainWar 8 100 40 Rain Rain Grassland Star
Raven Castle 4 48 20 Erythea Banner Castle Element
Roman 8 90 40 Roman Roman Grassland Erythea
Rule Britannia! 8 100 40 Conq Conq Grassland Conq
Russia 8 80 36 Newrus Russia Grassland Star
Selentia 5 40 27 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Severus 8 100 40 Severus Severus Grassland Element
Spectremia 8 66 26 Spectra Spectra Grassland Erythea
Spider Queen 4 40 28 Erythea roman Cavern element
Spindle Isle 3 30 10 Element Erythea Grassland Knight
Star 6 21 20 Erythea Star Grassland Star
Transylvania 7 100 39 Dracula Ice Grassland Erythea
Trucks 8 85 34 Trucks Urban Grassland Erythea
Tutorial 2 6 6 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Twin Towers 3 22 15 Erythea Banner Castle Knight
The Vale 5 50 30 Vale Spectra Grassland Space
War of Powers 6 53 27 Power Power Grassland General
Warthogs II 4 26 11 Hogs Warthog Mudflats Element
Waterloo 8 98 40 Watloo Watloo Grassland Erythea
The Well 6 30 10 Erythea Erythea Grassland Erythea
Zulu 8 80 40 Zulu Zulu Grassland Element


200BC    Civilizations battle for control of the ancient
         Mediterrainean c.200 BC [Greece from c350 BC]
         [Egypt set for c2000BC]
Altair   On Altair, several different factions fight for control
         of the planet using post-modern weaponry with some
         odd units.
America  A romance of arms set in the Civil War period of
         America and the days of frontier expansion into the
Babes    Battle of the Warrior Babes of Good, Evil,
         Passion, and Ice on an all-female world.
Britain  This scenario is all about King Arthur and his
         conquest of Britain.  Of course all the old favorite
         enemies are here too!
Calador  With the death of King Justin the realm of Calador
         is headless.  Prove that you alone are worthy of the task
         by being the only one left!!
Chesciv  My thanks to Jennifer Leslie for doing most of the
         really Hard work on the hero names and army sets.
         I just did the map, really.
chess    This island is just like a chessboard, its armies just
         like chess pieces.
civilwr  The Royal Family shall have a fight on their hands if they
         wish to retain their throne!
Conq     Britannia for the taking! An eighteenth century
         romance of arms with the Union destroyed and old
         enemies again at war.
crux     The islands around the edge represent the elemental
         planes.  The cross in the middle is where they
Dante    A great piece of literature in convenient Warlords 2
         form.  Fun for young and old, man and beast.
Dark     This scenario pits explorers and empire builders against
         each other and a hostilr continent.
Dipthar  The Lands of Diptharia present different challenges
         dependent upon where you start.
Dragon   An original Warlords II scenario
Element  Enchantments have allowed the elements
         to take form and become sentient. Now they
         shall battle!
Erythea  One of the original Warlords II Scenarios
Esesgee  See if you can read what the islands spell...
         ...Hint - look sideways!
Europa   This is a loose depiction of an arms race and war
         set in the first 20 years of this century.
Fantasy  With the beings of legend at hand, who will be the one
         they all will call master? Cry havoc, and let slip
         the dogs of WAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Flooded  Once mountain realms, floods have changed the
         very layout of these dwarven halls!
Hadesha  An original Warlords II scenario
Hand     Your fate will be decided in the palm of my hand!
holy     God fights on the side of the big battalions in this
         battle for theological supremacy
Ice      A fight to determine the strongest profession. The
         site is the top of the tallest mountain, so as not
         to disturb common men!
Illuria  This is an exact copy of the original map used in
         Warlords I.  Well... actually I added a few
         roads, but that's all!
Invader  What happens when 8 great space-faring powers
         decide to invade the same planet simultaneously?
         You be the judge!
Isladia  An original Warlords II scenario
Jungle   Unique army types, such as lions, snakes and eagles
         can be found here in the valley
knight   This island is home to 4 rival (and violent) factions
         of Knights, fighting for complete domination of their
         tiny land!
llord    Set in a mythical city in some future time where
         corruption is rife and only a single ruler can sort out
         the problems. You?
Mines    While excavating, the Dwarves have uncovered a
         whole host of enemies, including a temple full of
minimaz  This scenario was designed with hidden map in mind.
Mythtec  A fantasy world of the Mayan, Aztecs and other
         ancient civilizations of Central America
Nippon   A wacky homage to the bizarre Japanese popular
         culture as seen through western eyes - redolent with
         film & tv references.
Norse    Marshal your armies. Gather your champions of
         renown. Ragnarok is near; the time of the final battle
         between good and evil.
Pirates  You were the only captain once.  Now you are
         commander, trying to defend against those who would call
         themselves Pirates!
Powers   First episode of the Chaos Sagas!  (c)
         Battle for the Mid-Lands of Chaos; explore & try to
         expand your territory!
RainWar  1995-War is inevitable. It will surely reek devastation
         on an entire continent. Can you vanquish your foes and
         restore peace and sanity?
Raven    While the Dwarves attack, 3 factions vie for control
         over the magnificent Raven Castle
Roman    A fantasy of arms set in Classical Greece and
         the Rome of the mighty Caesars.
Russia   The Civil War in Russia that followed the Bolshevik
Selenti  This is the story of Selentia (the Emperor's
         daughter) and her attempt to sieze power from her
Severus  Civil War in the Empire Septimus Severus and
         Clodius Albinus battle; Legio VI Victrix is left to
         guard Britain from attack.
Sorcery  An original Warlords II scenario
Spectra  Designed as a showcase for a new army set, that should
         produce fast, aggressive and tough computer opponents.
Spider   It is *very* hard to beat the Spider Queen.  She has
         lots of allies and money.
Spindle  Life comes from the spindle which you are
         viewing. It is the most important part of the
         universe! Control it!
star     A game for those people who have difficulty
         in deciding which direction to go or, for the confident,
         there is always the middle!
Tomb     The Barbarians & the Orcs are battling each other to
         get the loot from Elkor's Tomb.
Transyl  A scenario based very loosely on the wars between
         Prince Vlad, the Turks and anyone else in the way with
         Hollywood thrown in.
Trucks   The developers battle for control of southern
         California. Matthew likes Trucks!
         Send me your city slogans!
Tutoria  The original Warlords II tutorial
Twins    One Mage commands the Dwarves, the other
         commands the Elves. Both are out for
Vale     This greeny valley can quench the thirst of any
         adventure seeking individual Compete to become the high
         ruler of The Vale.
Warthog  This started as a pun in Run 5 magazine.
         Some say thet it should have stayed there!
watloo   Rewrite history! Engage with Napoleon in his epic
         struggle for Europe. Amass your armies at Borodino, &
         on the field of Waterloo.
Well     For those players who like a good, quick
         game. Grab your buckets and lets go.
wheel    This leaves the players with a dilemma, since the path
         between conquests is strictly defined!
zulu     The conquest of Africa. A struggle for the vast
         lands and rich resources of the Dark Continent.