User Comments & Questions on Warlords Deluxe

(Last updated 2-Oct-95)
This page is just a collection of email which I've received about Deluxe, including both happy comments and some questions that have come up. The new stuff is on top, the old stuff on the bottom.

Date: Sun, 24 Sep 1995 16:57:16 -0400

For your info re Warlords II Deluxe bugs: Sent message to SSG and they plan
to be releasing patches soon. See copy of message below. Wanted to let you
know in case you want to add info to yoru web site.

excerpt from message from SSG:

>The Gravis Ultrasound problem is easily fixed, and we should have a workaround
>at least in the next day or so, and a patch in a week or so.
>The VESA problem with the opening screens are also easily fixed, and will be so
>in the patch.


Date: Sat, 23 Sep 95 20:43:43 -0700
From: ajburke 

Hey - just got my copy of Warlords II Deluxe in Colorado - looks great and 
it runs as a Windows95 app!  Thanks SSG!


From: Mike Heeter 
Subject: Warlords II Deluxe!
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 95 02:07:31 -0500

Got my copy of Warlords II Deluxe today.  It's very similar to Warlords II
really.  There's not quite as much new as I hoped there would be.  Most of
the "new" scenarios that came with it have been available on the internet
for some time. 

The graphics and sound are better though.  It seems to do the AI faster, but
it didn't seem any smarter in the "regular" sized game I played.  It still
sent good units around to explore the hidden map.  

Game play is very similar, except for a few things:

1) Scouts don't make good navies anymore
2) No more characters for each side (Atilla the hun, etc)
3) No planting of standards
4) A little more control over random scenarios -- regular, large, and family
5) You are wiped out of the game as soon as you lose your last city
6) Undo movement feature, smarter movement

They overhauled the standard army set.  All the pictures are different.
Most armies take fewer turns to produce.  Pikemen, light cavalry, heavy
infantry, orcish mob, and some others can be made in ONE turn.  Elephants
are 3 turns I think.  Demons can now fly (which always bothered me in
Warlords II because they had wings and couldn't fly).  Unicorns are -2
stack.  Pikemen are +2 open, heavy infants are +1 open, etc.  Giant bats
move 26.  Giants are +2 hills. 

There are some new options for network and email play, I haven't looked into
those yet.  You can change a lot of options in the middle of a game.  I
didn't see anything that would make sending games between Mac and PC easier.
The scenarios are still split into several files, not combined into one like
your Mac scenario files.

There are a few new reports you get.  "Show Deeds" shows a list of
everything each of your heros has done.  Plus, it displays a map showing all
the cities the hero entered, so you can see how s/he moved around the game.
There is a "fights" report that shows all of your battles during the
previous round (useful for email games).  "View vectoring" does just that.

The scenario builder is better than the previous one.  It is easier to do
certain things.  There is also a terrain editor.

Overall, it's a decent remake of Warlords II.  I hope they come out with a
Warlords III sometime soon!



Date: Wed, 20 Sep 95 12:02:16
Subject: Warlords II Delux Editor

Why did SSG allow the copying of Army pics but not the copying of City pics?  Now if 
there are one or two cities I don't like in a given set, I have to draw up new ones 
from scratch.  How hard would it have been to allow people to simply choose one or two 
pics from other sets?

Eric Pommer