Troubleshooting Guide - Lego Robotics

Updated 2014/10/28


Getting Started:

            Have all the students sign in

            If students from the other group show up, let them stay


Assembly and Power:

            Is the robot built as desired?   (check for loose/missing parts)

            Are the motors wired to the “brain” using ports B, C, or A?

(if not, motors won’t move)

            Are the sensors wired to the “brain” using ports 1,2,3,4? 

(if not, sensor won’t work)

            Is the battery attached, and does the robot “turn on”?

(if not, get new battery)



            Is the program as simple as possible?

It is best to test changes in small steps

            Motors:  Check each of the options carefully; is it what you want?

            Motors:  Are the motor commands using the right ports? (A,B,C)


Downloading programs to the robot:

            Is the robot connected to the computer via the USB cable?

            Is the robot on?

            Did the program download to the robot?

            Sometimes the robot’s memory fills up.  Empty it by

pushing the memory button near the “download” button



            Is the robot turned off?  (Or battery returned for recharging.)

Is the USB cord back in the kit?


Please send further suggestions to Bob Heeter!