Vintage Hills Robolympics - School Records as of May 6, 2015

First Year Projects:
EventMeasurementRoboDragons (Group 1)DragonBots (Group 2)
Hill ClimbingAngle of Climb 48 degrees (Jack and Kush). 49 degrees (Dahlia) 50 degrees (Ryan and Soren)
Speed RacingDistance in 3 seconds 715 cm (Sudiksha, coasting stop); 703 cm (James coasting stop); 653 cm (Sudiksha, braking stop). Record also set by EV3 team at Robolympics! 680 cm (R.J. and Eddie, coasting stop)
CatapultDistance Launched 160 cm (Andrew) 52 cm (Ryan and Soren)
Chariot RacingSeconds to Do 1 Lap 7.28 seconds (Duncan and Ryan); 7.7 seconds (Jack) TBD...
Grand Prix RaceCheckpoints Completed Full Lap 46.74 seconds (Duncan and Ryan) TBD...
Cargo HaulingHarry Potter Books Carried 2 books (Duncan and Ryan) TBD...
BONUS CHALLENGE - Can you build a robot that moves around without wheels?

Second Year Projects:
SoccerDylan3 Goals in 1 minute
CraneLandon and Aidan2 Objects
Arena WrestlingDylan vs. RyanDylan (so far...)

2013-2014 Records:

2012-2013 Records: