Lego Robotics – Kit Cleanup 2015

“Anything Valuable Deserves Good Care”


Kit Cleanup Challenge:  Can you get your kit “as good as new”?

-      Every part in its place, nothing missing, just like when you got it!


What to Do:

1)          Take everything apart (it’s okay to say goodbye)

2)          Sort & Count the bottom (brain, motors, wires…)

3)          Sort & Count the bricks and beams (right side)

4)          Sort & Count the gears and axles (left side)

5)          Sort & Count everything else! (middle)

• Visit “Trading Posts” to find “lost” parts & give away “extras”!

Finished? See a “Kit Inspector” (front row) to earn $20*!

       - If you “pass inspection”, visit

* We have to give it to your parents, but we’ll tell them you earned it!

* If too many parts are missing, the refund will be less than $20.